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S.NO Office bearers Designation
1 Mr.S.Ilamurugan Vice chairman
2 Mrs.J.Rajamani Vice chairman
3 Mr.N.Sellapillai Secretary
4 Mr.T.Natarajan Join Secretary
5 Mr.P.Ishabella Join Secretary
6 Mrs.C.Susila Treasurer
7 Mrs.V.Jaya Memeber
8 Mrs.K.Geetha Memeber

Ariyalur Engineering College was established on July 15,2013 and presently conducts 5 UG courses, The institution run by the New Jaibharat Educational Trust. The Trust was founded in 2010 with highly qualified, dynamic and dedicated Trustees both from academic and industrial background..

Location and Overview: Ariyalur Engineering College in Karuppur Senapathy, Ariyalur has been successful in molding young and bright minds interested in pursuing the various engineering sciences. For the engineering aspirants in Ariyalur, this school of engineering sciences is one of the sought after ones. At the helm of this renowned engineering college is the management team, comprising of educators and industry experts. Under their guidance, this college not only aims to impart quality technical education but also aims to offer windows of opportunities to its students and help them excel as skilled and globally competent professionals. Its underlying aim is to promote research and development in the various fields of engineering and technology and create outcomes that can benefit the society at large. The technically advanced infrastructure makes this college's campus an enriching place for an aspirant to be at. The courses are shaped in such a way, that they do not merely focus on theoretical concepts but also highlight the practical aspects. The multiple departments focus on different engineering streams that an aspirant can apply to. This listing is also listed in Colleges, Engineering Colleges, College Civil Engineering, Colleges For Engineering Electrical & Electronics, Colleges For Engineering Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering Colleges..

Infrastructure and Facilities offered: Ariyalur Engineering College in Karuppur Senapathy takes special pride in the top-notch facilities and amenities they provide their students. The physical infrastructure comprises of spacious classrooms with seating arrangements and equipment that support learning and the understanding of various concepts. A vast library acts as the knowledge powerhouse for the students and the teaching staff. The backbone of this institute is the team of knowledgeable and experienced professors, assistant professors and associate professors, having a firm grasp of the various engineering specializations. If they meet the prerequisites, an aspirant can enroll in one of the undergraduate or postgraduate programs of their choice. There is a placement team in place who guides the students with various career opportunities from potential employers. Between 09:30 - 16:30, you can pay a visit to this college. This college accepts various payment modes, namely Cash.